The Re-Launch

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The Re-Launch


Here it is Matic Flames as never seen before!

We have come back better and stronger than ever before, we have a huge range of never seen before clothing and accessories ready for you to fill your wardrobes.

We have stuck too the automotive merchandise although the merch isn't solely car related, anyone can purchase the clothing.

We have been planning a lot of new things since the start of 2019 like car meets, ambassadors, clubs, events and a lot more. We have selected 3 admins to run the new Club located in the north, the south and in Scotland, they will be selecting additional admins/ moderators in their locations to help them organise monthly meets in their areas.

We also took applications for 5 new ambassadors which were reviewed by 5 people, 1 in which is the founder of Matic Flames and the other 4 were people not involved with the club or brand. The Ambassadors were notified at the end of May 2019.



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